Friday, February 25, 2011

16 Week Ultrasound & Appointment

I had my level 2 ultrasound and follow-up with my OB today.  My appointments started down in u/s.  Baby was nicely tucked away and relaxing – not as much movement as the previous u/s.  I’m sure it’s because I hadn’t had breakfast and my bladder was nowhere near full.  With ankles crossed and one arm resting on it’s forehead the tech took all sorts of measurements.  Several were put aside until my 20 week u/s simply because the baby is still so small (a mere 6 ounces) at this point.  After we discussed why I was there, she took a lot of time looking over my cervix (nice and long still) and placenta.  Because of the positioning at this time, she did a trans-vaginal u/s to look at the bottom of my placenta.  This is where I noticed her doing a lot of measuring and what appeared to be an abnormal spacing (to me) and I knew something had to be up.  Unfortunately, u/s tech’s don’t tell you much so I knew I would have to wait until I saw my OB to start asking too many questions. 

We didn’t get a lot of great pictures, but we did get this nice 3D shot of the baby.  With no body fat yet, sure does look pretty skeletal and “alien-like.”

16 Weeks

We also attempted to peak at the gender, but baby had it’s legs pretty tight and the guess we got today is simply a guess.  I’m pretty sure I saw the same thing the tech was, so I’m going to say I’m 90% sure we’ll be welcoming a little girl into our house in August.  :)  It would only make sense that a girl is the one keeping mommy on her toes and making things a little bit complicated!

After getting done in u/s, I went up to see my OB.  He did the usual weight, blood pressure, tummy, and heartbeat checks.  Then we went over my u/s results.  The cause of my bleeding was due to a placental hemorrhage.  It is healing according to what the u/s tech saw, but I still need to take it easy and let things continue to heal.  With that, I’m stuck on “limited activity” still and counting down until my next appointment.

I go back in 4 weeks on March 22nd,  to have my 20 week (WOW, I’ll be half way done with this pregnancy!) u/s and see my OB again.  I’m sure the gender will be confirmed at this u/s and we’ll have LOTS of fun pictures of the baby.

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  1. Just now seeing this! I just love seeing u/s pictures :) So glad that you now know the cause of the bleeding & that most importantly the baby is just fine! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to hear all about your next appt. In the mean time, take it easy, Momma! =)