Monday, November 29, 2010

Soy Isoflavones Success Story!

Whoa!  I am a dysfunctional mess today!  I can't keep my mind in one spot (so I apologize if this post is 

I'm guessing maybe you've figured it out by now....

If not...

It goes a little like this...


I got a BFP!!!!

Oh my goodness, I can hardly contain my excitement!!  It's taking all I have not to shout it from the roof tops and pee on 20 tests just to keep seeing 2 lines!  When I POAS this morning, it really didn't show anything right away so I just hopped in the shower figuring it was another BFN.  When I got out, I stood there inspecting it like I had a microscope.  As I'm tipping it back and forth and closer to the light, I definitely see the faintest of lines and then my brain registers - THERE.IS.A.LINE!!!!  Anyone who has been TTC knows, a First Response pregnancy test is as accurate as it's probably going get without going for a blood draw - a LINE IS A LINE!  Ahhhh!!

I was totally going to come up with some kind of creative way to tell DH, but I'm kind of like a 4-year-old at Christmas and couldn't keep it to myself!  As I'm sitting there, trying to be cute and talk to him, he goes "you already told me."  I was completely confused as I hadn't said anything yet, thinking to myself - "I'm only 10 DPO, how could I have already told you?!"  He then informed me that I had said something to him the other day about a baby in my belly and he assumed I was serious (way to get excited honey! lol).  Hmmm...guess my "women's intuition" is stronger than I realize!  And really, DH is excited - he's kind of one of those silent types! :)

We're going to keep things a secret for a few more days - I do plan on doing something fun to tell our parents.  Don't worry - I'm sure I'll share! :)

I made my first appointment already because I was that excited.  Unfortunately, my OB's first available appointment wasn't until January 19th.  I'll be around 10 weeks by then and will at least get to see something that resembles a baby on the ultrasound AND a heartbeat. :) With all my charting, I'm figuring my estimated due date should be pretty accurate, but we'll see what my OB says when I see him.  Already looking forward to August 2011 and thanking the Lord that we were blessed after only a little over 3 months TTC.

THANK YOU to all whom have supported me during this part of my journey!  To those still waiting for their miracle - sending lots of prayers your way!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So it's at moments like this that I wonder if adding a third to our family is a wise decision.  DH's work can be such a pain in the ass and right now I'm absolutely livid!

He's a police officer and has ALWAYS had crappy work schedules, but nothing that we usually can't work around.  Well, they are short staffed right now.  Which puts him on-call practically all the time when he's not actually on-duty.  He was on-call all day Thanksgiving and then worked that night.  Come to find out he's on call BOTH Christmas Eve and day PLUS works those nights.  Meaning we can't go anywhere with him and celebrate Christmas (all of our family is out of town from where we live).  Add on top of that, we were suppose to go away next weekend to a hotel (which is already booked and non-refundable) for a family get-together and even though he put in for vacation 3 weeks ago, he just found out today that he's only off 1 of the 2 days we would be gone (which obviously won't work).  AAHHHH!!! I just want to go screaming and yelling to his Sargent - obviously that wouldn't be in his best interest though! ARGGH!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well THAT was new...

DH and I are pretty good at limiting BD'ing to when the TT's are asleep.  In fact, I'm pretty sure we've never BD'd while they were awake in the same house, until recently...

I guess when the TTC bug hits you and O is near, you'll find any way to BD!  Thanks to a lock on the bathroom door the mission to have a good BD schedule was accomplished this cycle!  More than that, we threw a little spice into TTC with the spontaneity! :)

CD 25 and the TWW is commencing!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can we get a “whoop, whoop” for soy isoflavones?!  It could just be coincidence, but I got a +OPK today on CD 22!  Wooooo!!!  This is the earliest I’ve O’d since we started TTC and is exceptionally sooner than CD 30 like last cycle!  So, with that I’m going to say YAY for soy isoflavones!  Now my temperature better go up, up, up to confirm O (with a beautiful BFP at the end of the rainbow)!

My poor husband, I don’t think he saw it coming this morning.  I got a +OPK this morning and was determined we had to BD because I wasn’t sure if we would be able to otherwise until tomorrow with our schedules, BUT the TT’s have been up exceptionally early lately and we had a guest spending the night.  Luckily all 3 were sound asleep after I got out of my shower and discovered the positive test on the counter.  I sure as heck am NOT going to miss my window this cycle!!  I’m pretty proud that I didn’t just go pounce on DH and say “we have a baby to make, NOW darnnit.”  Instead, I tried to hurry him with as much romance as possible! ::wink wink::  The poor guy works nights and I was sound asleep when I started, maybe there's something enticing about your wife begging!  Someone was on our sides though, the TT’s (and our guest) slept in this morning well after we got our BD on.  :)

One BD session down and a few more days to go!  I hope DH is ready!

Thankfully Thanksgiving is here next week and all the hustle and bustle of that will hopefully keep my mind off of the TWW.  Reaaaaaalllly hoping we have some fun news to share at Christmas!  I’ve already got lots of ideas, but I’m trying not to “put the cart before the horse.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Watch out cycle #3!

AF is almost out the door and so I'm lining up my arsenal! 

Here's what I'm doing this cycle:
200 mg Isoflavones on CD 3-7
200 mg guaifenesin three times per day CD 15 through +OPK

I'm really hoping the isoflavones will move up ovulation - waiting to O last cycle felt like an eternity!  I have already felt some twinges by my ovaries that I don't normally feel (thinking positive).  The guaifenesin is to help thin out my CM - I haven't noticed a whole lot of it and I used to notice a LOT when I still had my IUD in.