Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can we get a “whoop, whoop” for soy isoflavones?!  It could just be coincidence, but I got a +OPK today on CD 22!  Wooooo!!!  This is the earliest I’ve O’d since we started TTC and is exceptionally sooner than CD 30 like last cycle!  So, with that I’m going to say YAY for soy isoflavones!  Now my temperature better go up, up, up to confirm O (with a beautiful BFP at the end of the rainbow)!

My poor husband, I don’t think he saw it coming this morning.  I got a +OPK this morning and was determined we had to BD because I wasn’t sure if we would be able to otherwise until tomorrow with our schedules, BUT the TT’s have been up exceptionally early lately and we had a guest spending the night.  Luckily all 3 were sound asleep after I got out of my shower and discovered the positive test on the counter.  I sure as heck am NOT going to miss my window this cycle!!  I’m pretty proud that I didn’t just go pounce on DH and say “we have a baby to make, NOW darnnit.”  Instead, I tried to hurry him with as much romance as possible! ::wink wink::  The poor guy works nights and I was sound asleep when I started, maybe there's something enticing about your wife begging!  Someone was on our sides though, the TT’s (and our guest) slept in this morning well after we got our BD on.  :)

One BD session down and a few more days to go!  I hope DH is ready!

Thankfully Thanksgiving is here next week and all the hustle and bustle of that will hopefully keep my mind off of the TWW.  Reaaaaaalllly hoping we have some fun news to share at Christmas!  I’ve already got lots of ideas, but I’m trying not to “put the cart before the horse.”

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