Monday, November 29, 2010

Soy Isoflavones Success Story!

Whoa!  I am a dysfunctional mess today!  I can't keep my mind in one spot (so I apologize if this post is 

I'm guessing maybe you've figured it out by now....

If not...

It goes a little like this...


I got a BFP!!!!

Oh my goodness, I can hardly contain my excitement!!  It's taking all I have not to shout it from the roof tops and pee on 20 tests just to keep seeing 2 lines!  When I POAS this morning, it really didn't show anything right away so I just hopped in the shower figuring it was another BFN.  When I got out, I stood there inspecting it like I had a microscope.  As I'm tipping it back and forth and closer to the light, I definitely see the faintest of lines and then my brain registers - THERE.IS.A.LINE!!!!  Anyone who has been TTC knows, a First Response pregnancy test is as accurate as it's probably going get without going for a blood draw - a LINE IS A LINE!  Ahhhh!!

I was totally going to come up with some kind of creative way to tell DH, but I'm kind of like a 4-year-old at Christmas and couldn't keep it to myself!  As I'm sitting there, trying to be cute and talk to him, he goes "you already told me."  I was completely confused as I hadn't said anything yet, thinking to myself - "I'm only 10 DPO, how could I have already told you?!"  He then informed me that I had said something to him the other day about a baby in my belly and he assumed I was serious (way to get excited honey! lol).  Hmmm...guess my "women's intuition" is stronger than I realize!  And really, DH is excited - he's kind of one of those silent types! :)

We're going to keep things a secret for a few more days - I do plan on doing something fun to tell our parents.  Don't worry - I'm sure I'll share! :)

I made my first appointment already because I was that excited.  Unfortunately, my OB's first available appointment wasn't until January 19th.  I'll be around 10 weeks by then and will at least get to see something that resembles a baby on the ultrasound AND a heartbeat. :) With all my charting, I'm figuring my estimated due date should be pretty accurate, but we'll see what my OB says when I see him.  Already looking forward to August 2011 and thanking the Lord that we were blessed after only a little over 3 months TTC.

THANK YOU to all whom have supported me during this part of my journey!  To those still waiting for their miracle - sending lots of prayers your way!

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  1. You know I'm excited for you!!! Here's to a Happy & HEALTHY 9+ months Darlin'!! WOOOOOHOOOOO =)