Sunday, November 28, 2010

So it's at moments like this that I wonder if adding a third to our family is a wise decision.  DH's work can be such a pain in the ass and right now I'm absolutely livid!

He's a police officer and has ALWAYS had crappy work schedules, but nothing that we usually can't work around.  Well, they are short staffed right now.  Which puts him on-call practically all the time when he's not actually on-duty.  He was on-call all day Thanksgiving and then worked that night.  Come to find out he's on call BOTH Christmas Eve and day PLUS works those nights.  Meaning we can't go anywhere with him and celebrate Christmas (all of our family is out of town from where we live).  Add on top of that, we were suppose to go away next weekend to a hotel (which is already booked and non-refundable) for a family get-together and even though he put in for vacation 3 weeks ago, he just found out today that he's only off 1 of the 2 days we would be gone (which obviously won't work).  AAHHHH!!! I just want to go screaming and yelling to his Sargent - obviously that wouldn't be in his best interest though! ARGGH!

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