Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Cravings Turn Bad...

Tuesday I worked late and my plan was to go home (to my quiet house because the tornados were out with their dad) and just eat a sandwich and enjoy the quiet.  Well, my co-workers were chatting up about food before I left and Little Caesar’s came up.  I'm not a huge fan of their pizza, but there is something about their Crazy Bread!!  So, what happens when a pregnant girl talks about food?  She gets an immediate, must-have craving for it!!

I ran through the drive-through just as they were pulling fresh Crazy Bread out - if any of you out there are bread lovers like myself, you know how wonderful just out of the oven bread is!  Needless to say my goal of only eating a couple pieces turned into devouring the ENTIRE bag!  Oops!!

The rest of the night, all I felt was misery as my body tried to digest the lump of bread sitting in my stomach.

The next morning rolls around and I have my usual gag-reflex problems trying to brush my teeth in the shower (unfortunately, this is an almost every morning problem) and end up throwing up.  Ugh!  Who knew your body has that hard of time digesting bread because I'm pretty sure the disgusting-ness that came out was hardly digested from the night before AND to boot just as garlicky.

Pretty sure I won't have any cravings for Crazy Bread in the near future.  :(

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