Saturday, September 18, 2010

When intuition turns into reality...

My chart has been pretty text book (at least at seeing when I ovulated and such), so when I saw my temps start to drop in the last few days, I knew (instead of thought?) AF was on her way.  Well, I temped this morning and saw the significant drop in temp and knew.  It was completely confirmed when I went to the bathroom for the first time and discovered  that, indeed AF had made her ugly appearance.

My intuition has been telling me I was not pregnant for quite some time - I just had a feeling this would not be our month.  BUT that doesn't mean all the acne, breast tenderness, bloating, etc didn't make me hopeful I was wrong.  As much as I really wanted a May baby to fit in the the middle of the TT's birthdays, I'm just going to move on and hope that it'll share it's birthday month with it's older brother.  :)

The other nice aspect of charting - I can see that my cycles are getting shorter now that the IUD is removed.  Which means that there won't be as much time waiting to O and then the 2WW on top of that.  I'm off to fill up my arsenal of OPK's for next month!  Thank goodness for TTC message boards where they share where to buy them cheapest (wow, feel a little like an addict after that statement).

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  1. Sorry that AF showed her ugly face :( Don't get discouraged! You will get your BFP before you know it :)

    How long did it take for AF to show after you had your IUD removed? I had mine took out a week ago today & still nothing.