Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easily Excited

Apparently TTC makes you go wacko in the head!  That or just easily excitable - like the little dog who piddles when a friend comes to the door!  lol

My first bit of excitement is over a package of OPK's and HPT's on their way to my door!  I decided to order my tests for this month online - saving a significant amount over what I shelled out on 3 packages of 7 day OPKs last month.  I got them over at upon the recommendation of other TTC'ers on WTE.  They're the basic dip stick tests that your doctors office would use.  I have 4 digital OPK's left from last month I figure I can use for confirmation if there's any doubt.  I also have 2 "top shelf" brand HPT's ready to for confirmation.  PRAYING hard that there won't be any use for any of these tests after this month!!

Adding the excitement is my beautiful chart over on FF (if you click the ticker on the bottom of this blog, you can see it) - my pattern of temps is mimicking last month, which I'm hoping will lead to more precise timing of the BD'ing!! hee hee

To top it off, AF has pre-IUD like in flow (muuuuuuch lighter) and is wrapping things up and heading out the door!!  My husband better watch out - he's going to be reminded of what it was like prior to having the TT's!! ;)

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