Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seriously?!  Who knew TTC could make every logical thought disappear?!

In the 30 minute commute home from work tonight, I managed to get aboard the crazy train and convince myself I should POAS.  I'm 11 DPO, if I would have stopped for a moment during the insanity, I'm sure I wouldn't have POAS and gotten the horrible feeling that comes with a BFN (even when you're expecting it).  Especially considering my "plan" was to POAS Saturday...heck, I guess Thursday is the new Saturday! lol

My chart has plateaued and I still feel that we're out this month.  If only all the other symptoms (breast pangs/soreness, horrid acne, acid reflux, constant peeing,...) wouldn't keep my mind playing games I could ease through this long cycle!

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