Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mind Games

It's amazing how a person's mind can play such cruel games when they really want something!  I know I'm not the only person TTC who has a mind running in circles.  In fact, there's a whole message board of them over at WTE!  Unfortunately, my mind seems to be taking it up a level every day that passes.

For instance, I've gone pee every 45 minutes for the last 5 hours.  WTF?!  I do drink quite a bit of water during the day, but I have not been drinking that much!  So, here I sit, my mind is spinning like crazy with the "that could be a symptom" thoughts.

BUT for every ounce of optimism there is always pessimism... 

For instance, I've had no CM (the stuff that apparently really tells you your fertility) this month and therefore I'm firmly believing we did not conceive this cycle.  The lack of CM is actually making me thing there is going to be a problem TTC overall.  On top of that, if I did read the darn OPK's correctly - we didn't BD nearly enough OR at the right times around O.  Ugh...

Today's CD 31, 9 DPO (according to FF) and I'm going insane.  AF better show her ugly face soon so we can move on to the next month!  (BTW...I did POAS today - BFN...totally didn't help the mind games)

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