Wednesday, August 25, 2010


YAY!  AF was officially gone on Sunday - let's get this TTC train going!

I bought a box of OPK's at Target, their Up & Up brand to be exact, to try out our first month of TTC.  Obviously, I never used OPK's with my 2 previous pregnancies - they were both complete surprises.  The problem I'm facing with them though, is that my cycles have been much longer while I had my IUD than the norm of 28 days.  So, I'm having trouble deciphering when I should start POAS (peeing on a stick)... I only bought the 7 day test kit (there are 30 day kits out there).  The little phamplet inside tells me, per my average cycle length (35 days), I should start testing on CD (cycle day) 18.  For the average cycle length (of 28 days) it says to start on CD 11.  Want to guess when I started POAS?!  Yep, today, CD 11...I'm guessing I'll probably end up buying another box of the things to test for 2 weeks...gosh I sure hope I O (ovulate) in the next 7 days!  Then comes the dreaded TWW (two week wait) post O before I can POAS for a BFP!

Tired of the acronyms yet?  I know, there's a lot - hopefully soon I'll throw a little glossary to the right...

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