Sunday, August 15, 2010


"You don't have to agree with my choices, but as my friends you do need to respect them."
-Leigh Ann (Sandra Bullock) from The Blind Side 


Kind of a continuation on this last post I wrote. 


My friends and I all have varying opinions (some are much stronger in certain areas than others - definitely not a new phenomena), but we all usually respect those opinions and our friendships aren't  hindered by them.  Unfortunately though, there are times I wonder if our decision to have another baby is a choice that some disagree with to a degree where it may actually affect our friendship.  I have all hope it won't, but "Leigh Ann's" words above definitely are the mantra I'll be repeating!


On a side note: I'm sure you remember this post.  With Grandma coming I decided to just flip over my TCOYF book because she probably wouldn't be going in our bedroom (all the HPT's and OPK's were put away in a drawer).  Well, go figure, she needed to go in our room to get the key off of our modem to use her laptop.  I have no doubt she picked up the book in curiosity to see what I was reading.  Hopefully she didn't "read" into the title of the book too much - maybe she just thinks I'm trying to get to know my body better and leave it at that! lol  For all she knows, I still have an IUD!

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