Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introduction of sorts...

I left this blog more private than the others I write on by not letting it be visible on my blogger profile.  I've really wanted a place to write uncensored thoughts and there just isn't time to keep them in a handwritten diary anymore.  Unfortunately with a "family" blog, shared publicly with family and friends, I've had to learn to selectively post my thoughts to keep from hurting anyone's feelings or having people know a little more than they would like.  This leads me to the creation of "the little things."  I've wanted a blogiary (blog-diary) for quite some time, but didn't feel like I wanted the whole world to know who I was in it.  I've found that it's also way too easy to forget all those little things without writing them down.  So, here I am, a somewhat nameless blogger writing out my thoughts as I go through this journey known as life.  If you know me personally, please respect my wish for anonymity.  Words of encouragement and opinions are still more than welcome!

Disclaimer:  I will be talking about things that involve trying to conceive, pregnancy, motherhood, wife-hood, basically things that I probably would never candidly bring up in front of any member of clergy.  Remember what I said above, I want a place where I don't have to censor my thoughts as they come out through my fingers on the keyboard!  If you're easily grossed out, offended, or otherwise, please don't read this blog.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

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