Friday, January 14, 2011


My patience level seems to be pretty low lately.  Especially towards my first prenatal appointment - seriously, I've waited 6 weeks for this darn appointment and it still isn't here! 

Thankfully, my patience seems to only be low on all things that really don't matter much.  I have, so far, been able to keep my composure with the tiny tornadoes and my husband.  I do continue to have small, hormone induced, outbursts about stupidity at work on occasion (but really, who doesn't?!).

My point of this post though is in regards to this necklace.  I have been in LOVE with it since the day I saw it. 

A few months after I saw the necklace, I was pondering my next tattoo and it all starting coming together.  I've always known I wanted one on my foot, but didn't know what.  I decided because it would probably be my last tattoo, I wanted it to reflect my children somehow.  I had an epiphany one night after listening to one of my favorite songs, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley (Elizabeth Mitchell also does an awesome rendition).  That epiphany brought me to my tattoo idea and back to this necklace.  Making me desire both a little more! :)  The tattoo, has to wait for many obvious reasons.  I'm hoping to find someone to draw it up - I want 3 sparrows, in different colors, going up my foot with something tying them together.

I still REALLY want this necklace though.  So, when Vintage Pearl sends me emails with a discount, I want to scream because I can't go buy this necklace until we know the gender of the baby and have decided on a name.  My plan is to get a cross in the little circle and then (obviously) three birds on the oval part with all of the tiny tornado's names.  :)

Maybe if I buy myself a gift certificate, I'll feel better about the wait.  lol

PS...sorry for any rambling, my brain is all over the place lately (suppose the double shot mocha had this morning isn't helping either.

10 weeks today - 1/4 of the way done!  wooo!
wait, what?!  1/4 of the way done already - I'm scared! lol

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  1. Check your email!! I sent you a link for a steal of a deal :)