Monday, January 3, 2011

The BIG Announcement!

I've been meaning to get this posted for awhile. I figured I better get on here and get it done before pregnancy brain completely takes over and all the details are forgotten.

Here's the shirt (front & back) we bought our daughter to make the big announcement.  Our son is excited about the new sibling, but not nearly like his sister is.  He didn't really care if he got a shirt (kind of like "been there, have the shirt").  :)  I have this thing for owls and when I found this shirt, I just had to get it! :)  Of course I wouldn't buy it before we were actually expecting and that put me in a predicament once we did get our BFP.  So, I ended up ordering it just a few days before I wanted/needed it in my hands.  The seller was INCREDIBLE to work with and so sweet.  She got it out with Fed-Ex to me and I actually received it a day earlier than I needed it.  I ordered it on a pink shirt and maaaan is it soft - I want one like it (although I'd have to pass on the printing - my dad might have a heart attack and start questioning God if he was having a repeat imaculant conception! lol)!

So, down to d-day.  We told my parents first because we were suppose to go on a trip out of town with them a week after we got our BFP.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut during the 10-hour round trip car ride.  Now mind you, I had NOT let on that we were even TTC to either of them or really any one else for that matter.  As far as my mom was concerned, I still had my IUD and we were most likely done with the two tornadoes we have.  My sister-in-law caught it on tape (but can't seem to get it to me from her phone, as it keeps telling her the file is too big to transfer - any ideas?) and my mom's reaction was priceless!

We walked in the door, my daughter took off her coat and we said "Grandma, TT #2 wants to show you her new shirt."  So, she's reading it and I slowly turn my daughter around to show her the back and then you can tell that she's trying to register what she's seeing and reading on the back.  Then all we see is the big flash of smile on her face and all she can ask is "really?  reAlly? reALLY?"

Of course my dad happened to be outside snow blowing when we told her, so she had to run to the front door, to try and get his attention.  All we witnessed was hand clapping and giggling from the front as she failed to get his attention.  lol  Finally, she got him inside and in typical dad fashion, he said "congrats," "and when?" with a big smile on his face.  :)

I can't say that telling my in-laws was as fun or even enjoyable.  We decided to make the announcement with the t-shirt the day we all were getting together to celebrate Christmas.  We knew they'd all be together and there would be no seeing who could call who the fastest to gossip about our decision.  My husband procrastinated, in his usual fashion, as much as possible before I finally just said "Grandma, look at TT #2's new shirt."  My mother-in-law's only response was "your house is too small for that."  Yep, that's it.  That's all she could get out and then she was pretty much off kilter the rest of the night (at one point making some random comment to my husband that she would "not be paying our bills" - we've never even borrowed money from them).  So nice that she could be supportive.  My father-in-law said nothing (to me that is, but my husband never mentioned anything either) and only one of my husband's 2 sisters even said congratulations.  So, yeah, we walked away with one congrats (that also included the infamous "was it planned?" question) - that's it.  super.

Now that it has been a couple of weeks - I'm over my in-laws anti-climatic response and moving on.  Because we are excited about this blessing and if they don't want to be, that's their issue.  To be honest, I'm not even sure my mother-in-law has spoken to my husband since Christmas.  Nice, huh?

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  1. The shirts are AWESOME!! Love them!!
    As for your inlaws, they don't know what they are missing. Babies are God's gifts! I truly do not believe that God would have blessed you guys with another baby if the timing was not His timing. God Bless!! And, Congrats my friend, I am truly happy for you :)