Saturday, October 23, 2010


It blows (not quite literally)!  Although I'm starting to wonder if I pulled a bulimic move if I would feel better...

I have acid reflux on a normal day, so  feeling queasy isn't new to me, but in the last few days (and cycles) I've had these bouts of it I would rather do without.  Today, it's a little more than I can stand.  I never had morning sickness with my other pregnancies until I was around 6-8 weeks along - therefore, it's highly unlikely that's what's causing my problem.  A girl can hope though...

My chart is looking fantastic post-O, but I'm staying pretty pessimistic. :(  It does seem like we had great timing and I know the amount of BD'ing we got in in a 24-hour period during O, is far more than we've experienced post-TT's in a LONG while! :)  So much so that we haven't since - I'm still feeling the repercussions!  uff!

CD 36 today...the TWW (and long cycles) can just bite me!

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