Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emotional Rollarcoaster

I feel like I'm on a wild ride that won't slow down.  Beyond the crazy ups and downs that come with TTC - our family schedule has been well above chaotic!

Here I sit, CD 25 and I've yet to detect O with a +OPK.  My FF chart sure isn't giving me any clear idea either - my temps are all over the place.  I hope maybe I just missed the surge with the OPK's, but on the other hand I worry I'm not O'ing at all.  And I think we all know what that means - no O = empty uterus.  :(

My CM hasn't given me any clues either...today it's creamy (more CM than I've detected all cycle at least) - whatever that means.  lol

I did check my cervix over the weekend and I swore it felt pretty high and soft - giving me a little more hope that I just missed "seeing" it on the OPK's (although I don't how that would be, I've been POAS twice a day for the last week not wanting to miss it).

The icing on the cake...I've had this awful queasy feeling for the last two days.  Kind of a cross between a nauseous and nervous tummy.  Stress could totally be the factor with this, but my mind is still going with the little game of "could" it mean?

Oh and as excited as I am for a dear friend who had her sweet boy on 10.10.10 - seeing him definitely made my uterus scream more for a baby!

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