Monday, March 21, 2011


Sorry I never got back to update after the last post.  I did hear back from the nurses about the spotting.  They didn’t have me come in, but I did get some more clarity on my last ultrasound.  There apparently is some placenta previa with local abruptions.  Not much I can do about any of this, but hope that it resolves itself as the baby grows.

Knowing this did give me a few new fears though.  Because what would motherhood be without a few more irrational fears?!  My biggest fear is the previa not correcting itself and then not having any option, but a cesarean delivery.  Then throw on top of that the concern of an early delivery, possibly causing a NICU stay for the baby.

Really though, I’m trying hard not to think of all the bad things and just taking each day more that the baby bakes as a blessing.

In other news, after almost a week of getting sick every.single.morning. I talked with the nurses at my OB office about my acid reflux and horrid gag reflex.  My voice was hoarse from throwing up just stomach acid.  I was to the point where it didn’t matter if I ate right away after getting up or waited – my body was determined to purge.

My OB did not want me to continue on this path – so they prescribed an anti-nausea medication to help while they looked into other options.  In addition, I’m taking Prilosec every day.   They are working with a GI specialist to get me through this and I will more than likely have to have a consult either during my pregnancy or after to make sure I’m not causing anymore lifelong damage.  The specialist did make a new recommendation – so I’ll be on Prilosec and liquid Maalox to combat the issue.  If it continues to get worse, then I’ll definitely be in to see them.

I have stopped getting sick every morning, but I’m still coughing from the acid and have a raspy voice.

On the bright side – I’m feeling lots of baby movement and tomorrow is the big anatomy (20 week) ultrasound!!  Wooo!!  Pending of course a crappy snow storm that wants to hit my area – they’re talking over a foot of snow.  Yuck!

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